Mensah Associates

Hedge Funds

We offer start-to-finish counsel with all aspect of launching a domestic or offshore hedge fund (Luxembourg, Cayman Islands and BVI). Our services include preparing the limited partnership agreement or operating agreement governing the fund; drafting the investment management agreement between the fund and the investment management company; advising on forming the most advantageous entities in the appropriate jurisdictions; fulfilling investment advisor registration requirement and advising on capital raising issues and sources.

No two funds are identical, so we have a client-based approach to our fund structuring. The most common jurisdictions to form Funds are the Cayman Islands, Luxembourg, and the British Virgin Islands (BVI). The Cayman Islands is a leading domicile for hedge fund because it is a tax-exempt jurisdiction, allowing some investors to avoid paying taxes on investment gains. BVI is well-known for being adaptable jurisdiction with strong legal security and stability. BVI’s fees are lower than other jurisdictions and does not require a country-specific audit. Luxembourg is preferred for European based institutional investors. Advantageous regulatory, tax rules and adherence to international standards makes Luxembourg the second largest domicile for funds.

The firm does partner with custodians, fund administrators and other service providers to, among other, maintaining regulatory compliance of your private or public fund.

Formation and Set-up

With aid from our strategic partners, we will help you form and successfully run your fund, private or public. 

Vendors, banks, licenses with suitable regulatory bodies are some of the things that you need to ensure are in place before you start executing. Mensah Associates will handle the entire scope of set-up and make introductions and file applications to relevant bodies on your behalf to get you up and running.