Mensah Associates

Capital Raise

Raising capital is a critical affair in any business seeking to expand and it always has been. Access to capital whether that be $1M or $1B, there has to be a strategy in place to maximise your outreach in obtaining interest and lastly, investment from investment sources.

Mensah Associates assist entrepreneurs with forming a concrete private placement memorandum and raising equity and debt on their offering. We help you navigate through the various laws that are pertinent in the relevant jurisdictions.

Real estate development

Debt financing solutions are typically the most advantageous mode of financing when it comes to real estate development projects. With experience consulting clients with transactions up to $350M, we are confident we can help you execute on your strategy effectively to access capital.

Tech, life sciences and healthcare

There is a growing interest in tech, life sciences and healthcare globally, withal as a healthy reaction to COVID-19.

Due to the increase in interest from entrepreneurs and the market in general in this particular field, there has to be a distinguishing mark with these ventures in order to help capitalise on the current and foregoing pool of opportunity.

Mensah Associates finds it imperative that we not only form documentation and make relevant introductions to our network of investors, but that we assist you by connecting you to businesses that can act as your strategic partners in business.

This is critical in not only helping you stand out from the crowd of entrepreneurs, but also help you run your business with the best partners in hand for maximum exposure and a higher probability of success.